How to get rid of house flies

Many flies are considered pests and when you have an infestation in your home, you want to move quickly to get rid of them. Some species of fly are able to carry diseases that can be harmful to the people who live in your home, or pets and other animals. The first step to getting rid of flies is to prevent them from finding areas that meet their criteria for survival and reproduction. The fact of the matter is that most flies are able to survive on rotting food and trash and are going to seek out areas where food is present and the temperature is warm. Some of the steps that you should take in order to prevent crane flies include:

Cleaning Indoors

Since flies are going to be attracted to rotting materials and other food sources, make sure that your home is clean. Get rid of any rotting fruits or other foods that you might have in your kitchen. Clean out your sink with a sterilizer and go over the entirety of the house looking for potential fly food sources. If you take away the environment that brought them there in the first place, they will die off and not stick around for long. Remember that the lifespan of most flies is very short, so all of them should have died off within 48 hours, assuming that they were not able to lay eggs during the end of their time in your home.

Do Not Allow Them Entrance

Look for areas of the home that flies will be able to enter from. Remember, it only takes one fly getting through the front door to lay eggs and create a larger problem, but you still should make sure that there are no cracks, holes, or openings that they are able to climb through and cause problems in. Block off any cracks underneath your doors or in your windows to ensure that the bugs stay out of your home. Also keep in mind that flies can enter from underneath your home as well, if they have a way to get into the ventilation system. They are programmed to seek out food and heat sources. Door sweeps are excellent at ensuring that flies do not find their way into your home through the cracks in your door.

Keep your Outdoors Clean As Well

Keeping your outdoors clean will ensure that the flies do not spend their time lurking around your home. Of course you have to keep your garbage outside, but ensure that all of the garbage is inside the containers and that the lids are closed. Some flies will still likely be hanging around the garbage cans, but if you can minimize their attractions outside, they will be less likely to find their way into your home in search of other food sources.

Traps and Other Pest Control Products

There are many different products that are currently available on the market to help you capture and get rid of the flies in your home. Although they will all die out if you get rid of their food sources, having a fly trap in your home after you have gotten rid of them can be a good prevention tool to keep them from coming back in droves. These traps will often simulate food or a heat source in smell or other characteristics, then will draw the fly in and trap in, making it unable to leave. These traps can often be replaced or emptied, allowing you to constantly trap and weed out the different types of flies that often make their way into a home.

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