Fruit fly trap

The nuisance created by fruit flies is one of the growing concerns all across the world. The main reason is that they build unhygienic conditions and increase pollution factors in the environment. So, due to the need to curb these pests, it has become necessary to find cost efficient ways of killing these pests. Most people are looking for modern techniques to kill flies without having to face difficulties. Fruit fly trap is the best and cheap method to get rid of these flies. There are several traps available in market, which you can use for killing flies. Although slightly expensive, these are reliable and good options for killing the fruit flies.

Terro Fruit Fly Trap

Terro is a ready to use and completely non-toxic fruit fly trap. This trap has been designed to attract adult fruit flies by using special food based liquid luring product. The fruit flies that enter the trap cannot escape out and breed again. Terro Fruit Fly Trap The main advantages of these traps are that they are ready to use and quick acting. They are more effective when placed close to the fly breeding sites. You can place them under the kitchen sink, counter and dishwaters. Other good places will be near vegetables and fruits and at locations where the fruits in the house are stored. The main ingredient used in the trap is Sodium lauryl sulfate 0.08%. The product is small with dimensions of 1.23 x 1.23 x 1.23 inches and its shipping weight is just 1.2 pounds. However, you need to avoid eye contact while using the flytrap. After using, wash your skin with water and soap for avoiding irritation. In addition, most importantly keep the fruit fly trap out of children's reach. You will find after using the product that the fruit flies are gone inside 24 hours forever. It comes in a nice looking apple shape as well. Price of the product may vary between online price and the price in the local store. It is necessary that you read all directions of use and warnings before using the product.

Professional Ultraviolet Flytrap

Killing fruit flies and gnats in large commercial kitchen of restaurants is a continuous battle because of the nature of work and its surroundings. Fly Trap Professional Ultraviolet Flytrap 80W Ultraviolet flytraps enhance your chances of eliminating these fruit flies. Flytrap is the best fruit fly trap of all. It can dramatically reduce the fruit fly population without having to use insecticide sprays or having to place baits in your sensitive food storing areas. Flytrap uses high-powered UV tubes for attracting the flies. This along with its unique design has been established to be 60% more powerful than any other standard fruit fly trap out there. The unique design ensures that the UV light can be seen from all sides by the fruit flies. A combination of pheromone catch pads and UV power bulbs provides optimum performance in fly control. This unique design also ensures easy bulb change and change of capture pads. There are several different ways of mounting the Flytrap.